Hey there! I'm B. Twenty-two. Libra. Colorado livin'. Moving to North Dakota soon. Married to a giant. Aspirations to be the best I can be. I love basically everything and anything. Ask box always open. :)

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tintindreamsbig: I want to ask questions too 😭 - when are we going to hang out? 😜 what's your middle name? Do you have a hero? What is your favorite pair of shoes? Other than living with Anthony, what are you most looking forward to about ND?

Whenever you want! Z is home soon so we can finally have that double date! We have to leave by September 13-14th. SO SOON, TIN TIN! Let me know!

My middle name is weird. I’ll tell you in a separate ask. LOL

I do have a hero! My mom! <3

My favorite pair of shoes are flip flops. Or uggs during the winter. LOL But really. I tend to run around barefooted.

I’m looking forward to being in a new place and meeting new faces and new places! I’m very adventurous! I also really want to go to Canada. Lol

Anonymous: Do you get to talk to you hubby a lot while he's in tech school?

More than Basic that’s for sure!! Lol.. But uhm. Kinda. We talk a little bit during the week. I tend to not want to talk to him during the week because he’s at school and he has to study. He’s at tech school to learn his job and that’s so important. We text a bit after school hours and say goodnight but… he and even I don’t have time to talk during the week. I’m at work. But.. We catch up during the weekend! He’s off and he studies really hard during the week so we can talk more on Saturday and Sunday!

bluescluesandtattoos: Oooh girl you know you wanna rate my blog lmfao don't bc I know I'm lame. ;) ps so flattered you enjoy mine because I love yours.

<3 <3 <3 <3

I love your blog! And all that you have to say and post!

safetyinhisarms: Oh! I want to ask you questions! Favorite movie? What's a memory that makes you giggle? Favorite holiday? Tell us an embarrassing story. :)

Favorite movie?

That’s such a hard question. Because I have like 20 thousand favorite ones.

Goofy Movie, Selena, Sex and the City 1 & 2 (okay I’m totally watching them now) School of Rock, Beauty and the Best, Finding Nemo, Up!, Safe Haven, Spice World (on netflix guysssss), SO MANY MORE!

What’s a memory that makes you giggle?

Prom 2010. So I totally asked Z out to prom. It was awful. I made a joke to my friends that I was going to ask him to prom. And they would NOT let it go. So they pressured me to ask him and I told them I wasn’t gonna ask over a text… So… He had already graduated so I had to lure him to a coffee shop all is high school nerds went to. Lol. So I already assumed he wasn’t gonna show up at to this coffee shop since he was soooo flakey. So my friends and I showed up and he was there. Front row and I was like ugh fuck. The one time I wanted you to flake… So my best friend, Sam, told me if I didn’t ask him she would never talk to me again. So fackkkkk. I mustered up all my bottled courage and went up to the giant and I said

Really fast and he stood there and he looked at me… And said yes. After he said something smart.

And then I ran out that coffee house so fast I don’t even remember the ride home…


Favorite holiday?

CHRISTMAS! Yes yes yes. Retail has not ruined that for me.

Tell us an embarrassing story. :)

Ugh ok. The first time I had sex with Z, there was a fan going and I sneezed away from him but towards the fan so it went back to him anyways.

Ugh. I felt so bad. My damn allergies. Lmao.

Anonymous: do u follow any porn blogs?

I wish you could see my dash right now.. :o

Lol but yeah. I do.

Anonymous: Do you have.least favorite milsos?

Eh. Not really. I mean. I don’t like everyone. But I just hit unfollow or don’t even bother. I have better things to do than two dwell on things I don’t like… I rather share things I love rather than not like. But. I have met a few that got on my nerves. I just never talked to or about them again. :D