Hey there! The name is B :] I live in colorful Colorado soon to be in North Dakota. I'm 22. Sometimes I post milso things since my husband is in the Air Force, and it just so happens I'm also an Air Force brat! I'm also on my own journey to become an Airman myself!! But mostly I like LOTR, HP, LOK/ATLA, KH 1,2, and soon 3, flowers, food, cheese, fruit, dirty jokes, traveling, and laughing. And much more! Come talk to me, I like to talk ❤️

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You can’t tell me my husband and I won’t have great looking kiddies. I mean-
Mexican, Puerto Rican, Irish, German, African, Spanish kiddies.

So interested in how they would look. What mixes where and who they take after. Genetics.

Anonymous: New mumblr hate blog. Admins name is "E" and woooow lookey there so does your name. You aren't fooling anyone bitch.





You’re kidding me.. Right?

Weren’t you accused of also being behind one of the milso hate blogs? Damn, Emily. You have a lot of hate to give out, not to mention copious amounts of free time. 

Yep. It’s funny that people think I need to hide behind a hate blog. Whatevs.

Gosh, Emily. 


And plus you’re the only one with an “E” name on tumblr so it MUST be you.

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There’s nothing worse than boring couples…

Do something, have fun… EXPLORE! Geez. Watching you sit and do nothing gets old. I really wanna find a couple that’s super down for whatever like us…

I really can’t stand boring people. I understand there are some days where cuddling and netflix is amazing but not every single fucking day.

There’s a whole world out there… I want to see it all! 🌎

theycallmetabs: what color do you think looks the best on you? do you think youll ever wear your wedding dress again or save it as a momento? last time you got your hair trimmed/cut? do you paint your nails?

You always have the best asks lol!

what color do you think looks the best on you?

Black or red! Mostly black.

do you think youll ever wear your wedding dress again or save it as a momento?

I don’t think I’ll wear it again but I am going to save it. I think if we ever do decide to have a wedding, I want a different dress and not a white one. Maybe ivory or blush pink or even a shimmery gold hue to it. :)

last time you got your hair trimmed/cut?
Right before Z graduated basic soooo.. Like in April. A really long time ago. I’m gonna get it cut soon, though. :)

do you paint your nails?
Only my toenails. I can only stand artificial coloring or nails for so long. I don’t know why… Also I’m abnormally weird in a sense that I obnoxiously wash my hands more than a normal person… Seriously. I can go outside for five minutes and come back and wash my hands. As soon as I get in my house the first thing I do is wash my hands. If I touch something weird like even a ruler, I’ll go wash my hands. It’s a weird tick I have. I really love washing my hands. Alllllll the time. So painting my nails is useless. Lol




Don’t like a blog’s opinions on your dash? Don’t send them hate:


Are you tired of seeing a specific Tumblr user reblogging and commenting on your posts?


Are you being bombarded by anonymous hate?


Too much internet for one day?


Tumblr, y’all need to do this a lot.

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Z should be getting briefed in the next two weeks on what the actual hell is gonna happen when he graduates and when and how we’ll get to Minot!

YAY YAY YAY! He has four more weeks of schooling and then HOME TO MEEEEEE YEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!


Excuse me while I lie here in shock.